Uhasibu na Fedha


To provide financial management and bookkeeping services for the ministry.

This Unit will perform the following activities:-


(i)   Collect all revenue; and

(ii) Manage revenue according to regulations and guidelines.

2.Cash Office

(i)   Submit voucher list to the Treasury;

(ii) Collect cheques from Treasury;

(iii)   Bank cash and cheques;

(iv)   Prepare monthly flash report;

(v) Pay cash/cheques to employees/customers (Service Providers); and

(vi)   Batch paid payment vouchers.


(i)   Verify proper documentation to support payment vouchers, including authorization according to regulations;

(ii) Verify financial documents to ensure adherence to relevant Acts, regulations and circulars; and

(iii)   Reply all audit queries raised during the previous financial year.


(i)   Prepare and pay salaries;

(ii) Manage payroll; and

(iii)   Prepare and pay budget for personal emoluments.


(i)   Prepare pension papers; and

(ii) Maintain pension records.